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Ancient Origins

On the majestic mountains of Greece, under the unrelenting Mediterranean sun, there grow localized indigenous plants whose incredible benefits have been known and used since the times of Homer, Socrates, and Alexander. Sideritis, Louiza, Melissa, and Olive Leaves are inherent in Greek folklore and are brewed into teas that they drink to live healthier lives.

A mere few centuries ago, in a remote mountainous village, someone conceived an infusion of these four plants combined with a rare local herb, and their society changed. Starting with one family, then three, then all. People were maintaining their youth and energy for 10-15 years more, their skin was smoother and more vibrant, their elderly were living much longer. Over decades, this village was isolated, remained a pariah for harboring this secret, until recently. Then, a young idealist from the village visited Paris to study, and there, she shared her knowledge in confidence with a few like-minded visionaries. Nature in its simplest and purest form, brewed into a golden elixir of wellness.

Today, in agreement with village elders, this knowledge is still entrusted to Puuritea conditionally to help foster a better life.



Puuritea is not just a tea. It is a culture and a heritage. Our tea is a refined infusion of indigenous organic Greek herbs passed down through generations, formulated for good health and a long life. It is far from ordinary or even premium. Its rarity makes it only for those sophisticated enough to truly value its unique qualities.

Passion for Life

Puuritea is based on love of life and living it at its best, which are the foundations of all we do. We empower our members to live longer and stay their youngest to enjoy this precious life to its fullest.


Puuritea is not a novel approach to living younger. It is a tradition engrained in the culture of a few Greek families and has been passed on and refined for many generations. We value wisdom passed down through ages, and we respect and protect this heritage entrusted to us.


Puuritea strives to minimize its impact on nature while maximizing its benefits to the community. Our tea is packaged in all natural paper and cotton. Our herbs are 100% natural herbs with no contamination from plastics or metals. We recognize and appreciate the backing of our communities and give back at least 20% of our profits to their advantage.


Puuritea contains only the finest quality organic herbs grown in their ideal sun-drenched Greek hills on Crete. Every cup comes to you in a pure paper teabag packed by hand to avoid machine contamination and packaged in 100% pure cotton pouches.


Our tea has the same pure five ingredients that have been used by the village folk for centuries. Each ingredient alone has considerable benefits to a person's health. When combined together in the righ concentrations, their impact on the body increases significantly to a level that is highly effective.

Sideritis (Σιδηρίτις)

A herb known since ancient Greece for its healing abilities. It literally translates to "he who is made of iron" and was used to treat wounds stave off infection and disease. Sideritis is shock full of antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids. It boosts the immune system, reduces body inflammation, and protects against microbial and viral infections.

Louiza (Λουίζα)

It is better known by its common name, Lemon Verbena. The more potent Greek variety is really effective at clearing the skin and boosting metabolism to increase energy and burn fat.

Melissa (Μελισσοχορτο)

A calming herb that reduces stress and anxiety, stimulates the area of the brain associated with a good mood, and improves mental clarity.

Olive Leaves (Φύλλα ελιάς)

Olives are better known for their oil. Yet, it turns out that the leaves are more potent. The Oleuropein polyphenol and potent antioxidants in them have high anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to increasing energy levels, supporting the healthy functions of the cardiovascular system, and regulating blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels.

5th Ingredient

In addition to the four other plants, there is a fifth herb that grows locally whose addition greatly boosts the potency of the others and takes the benefits to the next level. This has been used locally for its medicinal benefits and has no known side-effects. Unfortunately, due to our agreement with the village, we are unable to disclose the species of this plant.


Pure Simplicity

All the plants we use are organic, harvested yearly at the height of their nutritional value from the sun-drenched mountains of Greece. They are fresh-dried to ensure you always receive a tea made from the current year's harvest.

The herbs are stored in bulk to preserve freshness and never packed before you order it. Only when we receive an order do we cut the herbs to prepare the teabags, package them, and ship them the same day.

The teabags are from 100% natural unbleached paper with a pure cotton drawstring. There are no chemicals, plastics, or metal. The teabags are packed in a 100% natural cotton bag which is then shipped to you in a box container.

Our shipment process guarantees freshness while minimizing impact on the environment.


Long Life, Youth, and Energy

The benefit of the tea is to extend youth, revitalize and energize the body, and extend life:

  • Calm the mind and reduce stress
  • Abate chronic inflammation in tissues joints
  • Rejuvenate cardiovascular, muscular, and other body systems
  • Boost immunity
  • Increase metabolism to burn fat and increase energy
  • Clear and tighten skin

The tea is complimentary to the lifestyle management services that Puuritea offers its members. Together, they serve to provide you with timeless youth.


The Path to Health

Our tea is in limited supply. We prepare a limited amount every month. All tea packages are prepared fresh and sent out by courrier within one business day of preparation. The first priority is to our core members. Then recurring clients. With our commitment to grow, we try to increase our supply every month to make it available to new qualifying clients. If you would like to be considered, please fill out the confidential form below. If we have availability in the next 2 months, we will offer it to you.

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